The Cabin of my Dreams

I’ve always been a nature gal. Odd as it may, being born and bred in the city. The allure of leaving everything behind and moving to an ethereal place has a very unique and powerful appeal to me.

My farm will be located in a high area in the mountains where forest, plains and natural bodies of water collide. At the center of it all will be my beautiful but very functional log cabin… much like the photo below.

paintings landscapes nature trees forest houses artwork cabin thomas kinkade rivers 2990x1990 wal_www.wall321.com_96

I will rise up at the crow of the rooster just as the sun is shining and enjoy a cup of rich, warm coffee on my porch watching the dew glisten on the grass while listening to the steady stream of water flowing downhill with my best pal, Max, at my side.

Oh wait! Screech!!! Back to reality!

That is what I want to happen! OK, I’ll admit, that is what I’m desperate to achieve!!!

Where I sit now, though is a non-ergonomic chair (with an achy back) at the 6th level of a corporate building in the middle of the metro, drinking an ice cold tumbler of water. I’m yet to get to that dream of mine. Right now, I live in a small house with my mother, sister, nephew and niece, right in the middle of the city. But… but… but!!! This won’t stop me from making this dream a reality, NOW! I am making small steps towards my dream, from a blank piece of paper to a full pledged bed-and-breakfast homestead. I will start small, believing that one day, soon, the Lord will honor my dream and make it a reality.

Until next post…

Your cheeky farm girl