Dawn of the Chick Collection

To give you a little backgrounder, we’re living in the middle of an urban coastal city south of the metro. The place we live in is small but has a small stretch of space on the southwest side. That small patch of space is about 2 meters wide and 3 meters long. It has all sorts of junk— stones, old birdcages, old PVCs and what have yous. It’s a mess.

There were bumps in my journey there, really angry bumps. My Mama got sick and then my Papa passed away. It’s crazy sad but I know everything happens for a reason and I’m at peace that my Papa is with the Lord now.

Greenilou & Regae
Greenielou stares at you while Raggae is busy scratching.

Anyways, in my recuperation, not to mention my coping up with the responsibility of taking care of the family and having only 1 source of income, I am inspired to initiate a homesteading project in our little patch of space. It took me a while to convince my Mama to bring home chicks, but bless my nephew! In November, our little city celebrated our fiesta. He drew lots costing him 1 peso per draw and was blessed to bring home a chick, a green chick! Not long after, my niece did the same and brought home a chick, a reggae chick! You don’t believe me? See for yourself! Meet our 1st batch of chicks: Greenielou & Reggae!

Now, I did my best trying to convince my Mama to raise them for eggs & meat (which I’m hoping to God would lead her to realize that 2 little chick won’t suffice). This prayer was answered a week later, when she requested that we buy additional chicks to help supplement our family’s egg requirements (though I only have scrambled & hard boiled eggs in mind haha!).

It took us 2 days of driving around our little city to the nearby towns, north, east & south of our place. Behold! We finally saw a bunch of them furry little creatures way south on the 2nd day of our quest! All 45-day chicks. We planned to get only 4 chicks, but! Big BUT! They’re just too cute to pass on! My Mama selected them each, choosing the really quirky fur balls with big feet and heavy build. The planned 4 chicks became 6! I tried to sex them for a higher hen probability, but of course, I’m no expert (if only my Papa is still here, I’m sure he can… sniff, sniff). Thanks to Mark of Coco Poultry Farm for his very valuable post on sexing chicks.

I was so excited that I created a brooder as soon as they got home! Now meet Batch 2 of 6 little chicks! They’re not named yet. They’re my Mama’s chicks anyways, she will decide if she wants to name them.

Batch 2 - 45day chicks.jpg
Batch 2 – 45-day chicks in their brooder taking their first sip of electrolyte water, some went straight to the food though.


Now for the fun part! If my nephew, my niece and my Mama have chicks, why can’t I? Haha! Of course I can! This time I chose the sneaky method of ordering 3 BBS Orpingtons & 3 Easter Eggers. I only told Mama after I have paid for them. There’s no going back now! LOL!

I’m yet to receive Batch 3 of our chicks and I intend to name them all! I’m expecting them late this month or latest next month. I’m giddy with excitement!

Now, onto building my very own chicken coop in our little patch of earth. Tatah!

Your cheeky farm girl