A small patch with lotsa scratch

Mama’s pullets are now 5 weeks old, with the cockerels close to 7 weeks. They have outgrown their little cage made for 20 badgies. So the chicken coop is now officially overdue.

I initially hired someone to clear the place & construct the coop, however, due to unforeseen circumstances, the hired help took 4 days to complete the floor, the walls made of wire & bamboo and the door, to my utter dismay!

I thought it was a waste of time & resources! Due to very limited resources, I had to complete the coop on my own! I know I can do it! Special mention to my sister’s boyfriend who helped me nail some of the difficult parts.

And so, I started to look for stuff around the house that I can re-purpose to build my chicken coop. I found a couple of used old wood pallets, and when I say old, I mean more than 36-year old wood, older than me! A few ropes, sticks, stones & older than me bamboo feeder & floor tiles. I went to the junk yard to scout for wood blocks & hopefully 2×2 wood and I found the perfect blue-green-yellow pallets for my nesting boxes for only Php 125 and I got a good palo-china stick for free!


This is where it all started. I tried to re-purpose the old aluminum birdcage, only to find out that it’s a hopeless case due to the rusty wires keeping it together. I decided against using it for fear that it will do more harm than good.

I started out with a clean slate. Created the mezzanine from an old bulletin board I got from the junk yard (that’s the blue flooring), securing it with 3 braces attached to the wall, and then, supporting the outer part with 2×2 coco lumber nailed to both corners. I placed some more wood on the outer edge just so the pine shavings won’t spill over the edges. The nesting boxes are quite rustic with more than 36-year old wood all over it, including the roofing which I made extremely slanted to prevent them from pooping on it. The stairs was made from the scrap pine wood and the steps were the free palo-china I got from the junk yard! I left the upper part of the nesting boxes open to keep the air flowing.

The Mezzanine 😉


And of course, I have a quality manager checking on me every now and then to ensure I’m doing things right. Ehem! He’s the chocolate fur inspecting my nails right there in the middle of the photo below. Haha!

Meet my Quality Manager, Max! 🙂

I placed the pine-shavings on the nesting boxes and staging area. Yes! That’s the outer part directly connected to the staircase. I made it that way, just in case there will be more than 2 ladies ready to lay at any given time. They get to have a lounge out there hahaha! I’ll put some curtains there for their privacy too, but I haven’t got enough time. I’ll work on it one of these days. The ladies won’t be requiring it anytime soon, anyways.

All set for the laying season! I can’t wait for the first egg to get laid!!!! 😀

As a temporary feeding area, I used older-than-me tiles as platform for their feeder & drinking station. Unfortunately, I dropped one of their drinking stations, so they’re left with one. I plugged the drain with an old sack to prevent the sand from draining away and dumped 4 sackful of sand. I had to push the sand around with my feet to somehow distribute them, but didn’t bother to level them, the chicks will do it for me when they move to their new home.

Improvised feeder & drinking station. I’ll improve this some more, I promise!

It was a tiring 3 hours of non-stop work! I can barely breath right that night due to pain in my rib area and biceps, must be the workout of carrying 4 sackful of sand! Oh but boy, it was worth it! Here are’s the finished coop.

The finished coop from multiple scratches! I found an old tree branch outside and thought it can serve as a makeshift roost under the mezzanine. Greenielou immediately took to it!  He sleeps there every night!


The hungry chicks munching away after moving into their new homes. Greenielou is the 4th from the bottom of the picture. Yes! The one with a crooked neck trying to reach to the best part of his plate haha! *Pardon their hygiene, they were set to take a bath the next day.

I’ll give you an update once I upgraded some parts of the coop. I’d like to call it, The Mansion. ‘Til next time!